Dean Loader is a highly experienced licensed builder with an impressive career spanning over 20 years. With a strong focus on small to major renovations in the medium to high-end market, Dean has established himself as a trusted name in the construction industry. Growing up in a family of builders, Dean was fortunate to work alongside his father, who was a renowned builder for over 40 years. From his father, Dean inherited not only a wealth of knowledge but also a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and an impeccable eye for detail.

In his early 20s, Dean embarked on an enriching journey, spending approximately six years working and living in Sydney. During this time, he honed his skills on high-end residential buildings, immersing himself in projects that demanded the utmost precision and quality. Dean’s experience in Sydney allowed him to further refine his craft and develop a keen understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of the high-end construction market.

With his extensive industry background, Dean brings a wealth of practical knowledge and hands-on expertise to every project he undertakes. He has a keen ability to assess clients’ needs, transform their visions into reality, and deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations. Dean’s dedication to his craft, coupled with his relentless pursuit of excellence, has earned him a stellar reputation among his clients and peers.

Driven by a passion for construction and a commitment to delivering the highest level of quality, Dean’s involvement in Core Estimator represents a natural progression in his career. Leveraging his vast experience and understanding of the industry, Dean contributes his valuable insights to the development of Core Estimator’s innovative and intuitive estimating software. His goal is to empower builders and tradespeople with a tool that reflects their unique needs and streamlines their estimating processes, ultimately enhancing their productivity and success in the construction industry.

Dean Loader’s journey in construction has been marked by a steadfast dedication to his craft, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a genuine love for bringing dreams to life through construction. With a rich background in building and an eye for detail, Dean continues to make a lasting impact in the industry, ensuring that every project he undertakes is a testament to quality and craftsmanship.