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We Understand How Time Consuming and Difficult the Quoting Process Can Be

  • Easy to use platform
  • 40x Faster takeoffs than any other software
  • Features and workflows designed by builders


With Core Estimator, you can create and manage detailed estimates with ease. Our software offers a range of powerful features, including 2D and 3D takeoff tools, customizable templates, error checking, multiple estimates for different project stages, and advanced workflows. These features allow you to break down projects into manageable parts and accurately calculate costs.

  • Easy to use and very powerful 2D take-offs
  • World leading 3D take-offs 30x quicker than 2D with pin point accuracy
  • Multiple versions of one estimate in seconds
  • Error checking system reducing mistakes
  • Tasks & communications to manage the estimating process

Who it’s for

Whether you are working on residential renovations, new home builds, or commercial projects, Core Estimator is equipped to handle it all. Our software is scalable and adaptable, making it suitable for businesses of any size. From independent builders with a small team to medium-sized construction companies with multiple employees, Core Estimator is designed to meet your unique requirements.

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Sub Contractors

Welcome to Core Estimator

Your solution for streamlined construction estimating

At Core Estimator, we understand the challenges that construction professionals face when it comes to accurate and efficient estimating. That’s why we have developed a powerful web-based construction estimating software designed to simplify the estimating process and help you save time and money. Whether you are a residential builder of any size, sub contractor, estimator or commercial contractor, Core Estimator is here to streamline your estimating workflow.

With Core Estimator, you can say goodbye to tedious manual calculations and complex spreadsheets. Our software harnesses the collective expertise of builders, tradespeople, and software developers to provide you with an intuitive, user-friendly platform that meets the real-world needs of running a successful building company.

What sets Core Estimator apart from other estimating software on the market is our commitment to collaboration and customization. We are from the construction industry with over 25 years experience as a builders in NSW Australia. We have worked closely with other builders and tradespeople, ensuring that their practical knowledge and experience are incorporated into the software’s design. This collaboration has allowed us to extract the best parts of technical knowledge and real-world needs, resulting in a comprehensive solution that caters specifically to the construction industry.

We are committed to providing exceptional support to our users. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have a smooth experience with Core Estimator, from initial setup to ongoing training and technical assistance. We offer comprehensive training resources, video tutorials, and responsive customer support to help you get the most out of our software.

At Core Estimator, we believe that accurate and efficient estimating is the foundation of successful construction projects. Our software empowers you to streamline your estimating process, reduce errors, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Join the growing community of construction professionals who have chosen Core Estimator as their trusted estimating software.

Take your construction estimating to the next level with Core Estimator. Get started today and experience the power of streamlined estimating for your projects.

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